5 Tips For Any Business Pitch

1. Brief and Precise

A pitch should be able to cover its major selling points within the first minute and a half to be impactful.

For you, this means crafting a different pitch for each audience you have. Personalizing it in this way allows you to be able to address your audiences’ interests directly and sufficiently.

Highlight the problem your solution seeks to address. Explore how your product will make people’s lives much better or easier.

If you have a time frame, go over your talking points severally to ensure you do not exceed your time slot. It would also disadvantage you to use a fraction of your time and leave out an important aspect of your pitch.

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2. Know Your Stuff Well

This speaks to preparedness. The best way to be prepared and to be confident during your pitch is by knowing your stuff backward.

Most pitches have a Q&A session towards the end. However, investors can also interrupt your pitch to ask questions and seek clarifications.

This makes it imperative to know your business plan inside out. Think about all the possible questions you might have to answer.

Similarly, have mock pitching sessions with other business people and see which questions might come up.

3. Humanize Your Business Pitch

Investors are human, and they respond to the same stimuli as other human beings.

Aside from looking to back businesses with great potential, they are also looking for someone they have a connection with.

This is where your background research comes into play. Use the information you have on your audience to highlight different aspects of your startup story.

If there are any similarities between their journey and yours, use antidotes and off-the-cuff narrations that will help build a rapport with the attendees.

However, remain respectful, avoid political and religious antidotes and read the room well.

4. Bring Social Proof

Social proof can be in the form of testimonials from end users. If the product is not out in the market yet, you can have mock testing with your acquaintances and get honest feedback about what you are offering.

This shows investors the real value of your product, insights into how real people will use it and demonstrates the market potential for it.

5. Show, Don’t Just Tell

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. Images are also more entertaining and memorable.

If you are able to have a short clip put together, this would be a great, out-of-the-box way to present your pitch. It also takes off some pressure off of yourself.
Nonetheless, graphics are only enhancers; do not rely on them totally.

Also, ensure to pair the right technology with the best gadgets you have to minimize the chances of embarrassing malfunction mid-pitch.

If you are offering a product, this is the time to hand it out and do demos to allow investors to get a first-hand experience of what they will be potentially investing in.

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