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Interested in purchasing the Master Your Money Super Bundle? I spent hours going through all of the resources in the bundle and I am sharing my completely honest review with you, including what I liked and what I didn’t like.
What's inside the Master Your Money Super Bundle!

The popular Master Your Money Super Bundle is back for two days only, through February 20, 2020! We haven’t see this deal in almost a year and this is $10 lower than last year’s price! If you’re curious about the bundle or wondering if it’s worth purchasing, keep reading for my completely honest review of this bundle!

Should You Purchase the Master Your Money Bundle?

If you have been considering buying the Master Your Money Super Bundle, I am here to provide you with a completely honest and biased review. I say biased because we all have bias. Which means that you are free to agree or disagree with my conclusions.

But I want to share this honest review of the Master Your Money Super Bundle for those of you who are on the fence as to whether it is worth purchasing or not.

So many of you loved my honest review of The Ultimate Productivity Toolkit and begged me to do honest reviews for each of the bundles from Ultimate Bundles. While it takes a lot of time and effort to go through each and every product in a bundle, because I love to help you spend your money wisely, I am happy to prioritize the time to do so.

Master Your Money Super Bundle Products

Why I Am Not a Contributor

First off, I need you to know that I did use my affiliate links throughout this post. I am an affiliate for the Ultimate Bundles this time around, not a contributor.

A contributor is someone who has included a product of their own in the bundle. As a thank you for the time and effort that you put into creating your product and allowing it to be part of the bundle, Ultimate Bundles pays you 70% of every sale made through your link. They also split a small percentage of the overall sales amongst all contributors. (This is usually a few hundred dollars or less).

I have been a contributor to other bundles in the past (and will likely be one in the future!) I love the folks at Ultimate Bundles and love their heart for what they do.

However, when they approached me about being one for this bundle, I decided against it because I felt that the price point of $37 was a little on the high side for my audience — especially since this bundle was on the topic of saving and investing money.

I am typically only a contributor for a bundle if I feel like it is going to be a really, really good fit for my audience and something that you all will be super excited about. I just felt like many of you would not be excited about a bundle on money that cost $37, so I decided to decline the opportunity.

Instead of being a contributor, I am an affiliate, which means I earn 40% of every sale through my link. I just wanted to put that out here in full disclosure. If you click through any of the links in this post and purchase the bundle, I will earn 40% of the sale.

Be the boss of your money.

My Honest Review of the Master Your Money Super Bundle

I spent hours going through every single ebook, video, and course in the bundle in order to bring you the most thorough and honest review that I can. Again, I’m biased, so please know you can wholeheartedly disagree with me.

But whether you agree with my assessment of the bundle or not, I hope this is helpful to you as you think through whether purchasing the Master Your Money Super Bundle is worth it for you!

The Negatives:

  1. Some of the products had an inflated price tag. I will say that I felt like many of the prices on the products in the Master Your Money Super Bundle were very realistic and fair for the value, I felt like most of the videos that had a value of $19 weren’t really a $19 value and about 5 other products in the bundle felt over-priced to me. With this in mind, even though they say the bundle is a $1200 value, I’d say that for the products I would use and felt were worth what they were priced at, to me the value would be more like $350 to $400 maximum.
  2. I didn’t like the videos at all. Okay, I sort of said this above, but I’m going to say it again: I just really didn’t like the 11 videos they offered as stand-alone products in this bundle. I know it was something new they were trying and I think it fell flat. In many cases, there was poor audio and the content didn’t seem like it was super valuable — at least for what I was looking for. Honestly, I barely watched any of all of the videos. (I watched a little bit of every single one just to do this review, but I found myself skipping ahead and quickly turning them off because I just wasn’t jiving with them at all. Maybe it was just me.)
  3. Some of the products were poorly designed. I know that we don’t always have the highest quality design on things we offer because of various reasons and I know sometimes you just do the best you can do, but I found that at least 30% of the ebooks were poorly designed and hard to read. I know that “content is king”, but if your ebook is hard on my eyes and unprofessional, it makes it a lot harder to really enjoy soaking up the wisdom in the content.
  4. There is quite a bit of overlap. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing as we need to hear things more than once and different people are going to resonate with different types of teaching styles, but for some people, the fact that there is quite a bit of overlap — especially in the areas of learning to budget and cutting expenses — could de-value this bundle.

The Positives:

  1. I loved that there were so many different aspects of money management covered. This bundle covers everything from investing to paying off debt to how to make more money to ways to practically cut expenses to starting a side hustle to retirement. The bundle was very comprehensive and had a lot of valuable resources with actionable tips.
  2. Most of the products were more by everyday people instead of professionals. While some people would prefer to only get financial advice from certified professionals, I prefer to learn from people who aren’t just talking in theory, but who have actually lived what they are teaching (not to say that all professionals haven’t experienced some of what they share, but I think you understand what I mean). Instead of a theory on how to pay down debt, I much prefer to hear your story of how you actually did it. There’s a lot of that in the resources in this bundle and it makes it feel very accessible and doable.
  3. My bottom line opinion is that this bundle — if you buy it and actually go through the resources and take them to heart — could save you WAY more than the $37 price tag. I had prepared myself to be underwhelmed with the content, especially since I have been blogging and studying money and saving and making money for years. But I learned a lot of new things, loved how so many of the ebooks and courses were presented, and just overall felt that this was worth purchasing, if you will USE it and have the money in your budget to pay for it. (Please, for the love of all that is good and right, do not spend money you don’t have to buy the Master Your Money Super Bundle, okay?)

an image of Budgeting That Works by Caroline Vencil

My Favorite Resources

Budgeting That Works — I love Caroline’s style of teaching and she breaks everything down step-by-step. She also has a great voice on audio that is interesting to listen to. In this course, she gives you the tools you need to really set up a budget and follow through with it. She comes across as a fun cheerleader. I loved her 30-7-30 rule that she outlines and she has some great printables at the end of the course, including a 160 Ways to Save Cheatsheet which I thought was very valuable.

Fancy Serial Numbers For Fun & Profit — I had NO idea that people would pay big bucks for cash bills that had fancy or special or limited serial numbers. Did you know this? I kind of hand my mind blow by this one! It would be a really fun way to make extra money. (I can just see it now: “What do you sell on eBay?” “Oh, I sell money!”)

Marriage & Money Bundle — This was a beautifully put together series of workbooks that had so many different valuable ideas and encouragement to help you get on the same page with your spouse when it comes to your finances.

30-Day Money-Saving Challenge — Looking for someone to give you some really actionable and simple ways to cut your expenses so you can save more money? I loved this 30-day download that offered a realistic and doable money-saving project for each day… and it could add up to a lot of savings over the course of the 30 days and beyond!

Great Ways to Make Money in Your Space Time by Angie Nelson

Great Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time — I’m constantly on the lookout for ways moms can make some extra money in little pockets of extra time they have throughout the week. This book had so many fantastic ideas — and many were ones I had never heard of before. This ebook alone could help you make back the cost of the bundle in just a day or two!

The Budgeting Binder — There were a few different printable budgeting worksheets. One of my favorites was The Budgeting Binder because it was clean, colorful, comprehensive, and… wait, what’s another C word that would work? 🙂

Side Hustle Starter Kit — If you are thinking of starting a side business, this is a valuable resource to go through. It walks you through everything you need to think through, plan for, and prioritize as a brand-new business owner. I also feel that going through this could help you prevent a lot of mistakes upfront.

The Ultimate Money-Saving Guide — This is a beautifully-done ebook that walks you through different areas of your home and life and offers lots of practical ideas of ways to save. If you are looking for some really actionable tips and ideas, check out the 250 ideas in this little ebook. (By the way, this was one that I felt the price listed was inflated on, but I still really liked it!)

How to Be Frugal: A Guided 10 Unit Course That Will Teach You How to Be Frugal Online, In the Store, and In Your Home — I have gotten to know Jennifer online a little in the last few years and truly loved this course of hers. Jennifer is a mom of 7 and she knows her stuff! She makes you feel like you are just sitting with her in her living room with her and she’s downloading all of her hard-won money-saving tips and tricks to you. Definitely worth your while to sign up for this one — and if this is the only course you go through, this one alone might make the $37 price tag worth it.

If You’re Ready to Purchase:

Click here to order the Master Your Money Super Bundle for $37!

P.S. Any questions on anything about the Master Your Money Super Bundle? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help answer it! I want to make sure you only invest your money in something that is truly going to make a difference in your life!

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